Yes, the fully vaccinated can start going maskless — but private businesses can still set their own rules – OregonLive

The Oregon Health Authority has a long list of exceptions for its mask requirements, specifically for the fully vaccinated, varying from “most outside settings” to being in “an uncrowded personal or public space. As Oregon Gov. Kate Brown stated last Thursday: “Some organizations may choose simply running under the existing guidance for now”– suggesting the guidelines the CDC had just stated were no longer necessary.Many doctors appear to agree with that play-it-safe technique, seeing as there are still millions of unvaccinated people in the U.S. who can still spread the illness, and they may be more likely to go without a mask if they see vaccinated individuals unmasked.” I strongly advise to others that when at an indoor place where both vaccinated and unvaccinated people mix, such as grocery shops, that they wear a mask too,” Dr. Carlos del Rio, a public-health scholar at Atlantas Emory University, tweeted on Saturday.The Oregon Health Authority, for its part, is accepting the CDCs brand-new guidelines allowing people to go without masks, however at the exact same time its motivating people to continue to believe of the wider neighborhood implications, insisting that masks usually remain an excellent idea even in locations theyre no longer required.

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