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An image of a mosquito. The West Nile infection, which is generally sent to people through mosquito bite, was found Friday in Cache County. (Shutterstock) HYDE PARK– The West Nile virus was recently detected in a mosquito swimming pool in Cache County for the first time this year, authorities with the Cache Mosquito Abatement District stated Saturday.The virus was discovered Friday from a group of mosquitoes caught west of Logan in the community of Benson and tested for the virus. The districts announcement comes a bit more than a week after the Utah Department of Health reported that the infection had actually been found in 114 mosquito pools across Utah this summer season. Those confirmed cases included the Davis, Salt Lake, Summit and Weber/Morgan health districts.There are still no verified human cases of West Nile infection so far this year. While many people do not feel any signs, cases can become “quite serious” and even result in death, Utah Department of Health vectorborne/zoonotic epidemiologist Hannah Rettler said last week.District officials stated in a statement Saturday that they think the Culex mosquitoes– mosquitoes that appear in the evening– are the ones bring West Nile infection, not the “day-biting” ones. They said they will continue abatement and security practices, such as utilizing different insecticides that target adult mosquitoes or larva from becoming adult mosquitoes.In the meantime, the Bear River Health Department offered suggestions for homeowners or anybody traveling outdoors in Cache County to prevent getting the virus.Use mosquito repellent with DEET, permethrin, picaridin, IR3535 or oil of lemon eucalyptus.Wear long sleeves and pants in between dusk and dawn.Drain any standing water in yards, such as potted plant trays, pet dishes, rain gutters, containers, toys or old tires. Likewise keep roofing rain gutters clear of debris, Clean pool frequently and drain pipes them.Make sure all screen windows and doors screens remain in good condition so mosquitoes cant enter your home.Keep weeds and high grass interrupted because mosquitoes search for dubious places to rest throughout daytime.More pointers and info by the Utah Department of Health can be discovered here. × Related StoriesMore stories you might have an interest in

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