Vitamin B12 deficiency: Three serious warning signs you have prolonged B12 deficiency – Express

According to the Canadian Society of Intestinal Research, extended vitamin B12 deficiency can increase the possibility of mental disorder, damage neurones, and aggravate several sclerosis (MS). MS is a condition that can impact the brain and spine, causing a wide range of prospective signs, including problems with leg, arm or vision movement, experience or balance.The preliminary caution signs of B12 deficiency include: A pale yellow tinge to your skinA aching and red tongue (glossitis) Mouth ulcersPins and needles (paraesthesia) Changes in the method that you move and walk aroundDisturbed visionIrritability.How to respondSee a GP if youre experiencing signs of vitamin B12 shortage, advises the NHS.READ MORE: Vitamin B12 shortage: Swollen tongue, lesions or a warm face could suggest low levels

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