Vaccines are a personal decision, church founder says after congregant refuses shot, dies of COVID – KABC-TV

LOS ANGELES– The founder of the multinational Hillsong Church informed CNN that COVID-19 vaccines are a “personal choice for each individual to make with the counsel of medical specialists” after a congregant who openly declined shot died of complications from the disease.Hillsong Church global senior pastor Brian Houston had actually announced the death of Stephen Harmon, who went to Hillsong in Los Angeles, on social media this week.Harmon had stated on social media that he would not receive the vaccine, even when he was battling COVID-19 in a healthcare facility this month. Harmon went to Hillsong in downtown L.A.CNN sought remark from the Harmon household however did not get a response.Prior to him saying he was infected with COVID-19, Harmon made 2 posts on Twitter on June 3 in which he parodied Jay-Zs “99 Problems” lyrics– stating he had 99 issues but “a vax” wasnt one.Just over a month later on, Harmon had pneumonia as a result of COVID-19 infection and was sitting in a medical facility bed in a COVID ward, according to his Instagram posts.He had been hospitalized with COVID-19 problems because at least June 30, according to his social media posts. #keepmovingdork,” Harmon composed the same day on Twitter.On Friday, after his death was revealed, Harmons Instagram account was made personal.

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