UK teen died on school trip after teachers allegedly refused her pleas for a doctor – New York Post

” Not even in my wildest dreams could I have actually pictured what the next couple of minutes were going to bring,” Hambly stated..

Anas moms and dads, David and Natalia Uglow, outside Avon Coroners Court, Flax Burton, Bristol, on May 11, 2021. SWNS.

Ana had actually been out of school with cold-like symptoms for two days before her journey but felt much better and left for Washington on Dec. 14.

Nevertheless, an instructor informed the inquest that Ana had just suffered tiredness and a blocked nose, including that she had not straight asked to be checked by a physician, the Bristol Post reported.

” I was very furious with those teachers who disregarded Anas demand to see a physician on Tuesday early morning and after she had been ill over night. Nothing was done to save her life,” Natalia stated.

Her condition rapidly degraded.

A 17-year-old British girl died from sepsis during a school journey to the Big Apple– after her “history fanatic” instructors supposedly neglected her pleas to see a doctor and interrupt the journey.

On Dec. 16, Ana “described that she had no energy to walk” and had asked to remain at the hotel while the group checked out the National Museum of African American History and Culture, the inquest heard.

The following day, the household got word from the schools headteacher that Ana was hospitalized in critical condition.

” She said that they were real history enthusiasts and all they cared about is chasing those websites and were extremely thrilled about them.”.

Ana Uglow, a student at Bristol Grammar School, was pronounced dead at Mount Sinai West health center in December 2019 while on the US trip, that included drop in DC and Philly, an inquest heard, according to the Bristol Post.

” I was concerned about her and stated to Ana to speak to the teachers and ask them to see a medical professional and phone me back. I believe Ana spoke to Mr. (Rory) Hambly as she reported back that Mr. Hambly had actually told her that she would have had a higher temperature if she had a chest infection and encouraged her to take paracetamol,” she continued, referring to a discomfort reliever including acetaminophen like Tylenol.

The following day, Ana called her mom several times throughout the groups train trip to Philadelphia, the outlet stated.

Ana Uglow informed her teachers she was not feeling well, however they apparently declined to give her medical attention.Uglow Family/ Royds Withy King.

Later on that day, Ana texted her mommy that she was feeling “a bit much better.”” She was worried, she was concerned and to my passing away day I will never ever forgive myself for not following through my ask for her to see a doctor and not phoning the teachers myself and putting pressure on them,” her troubled mother stated.

Ana Uglows condition quickly worsened during her school journey to NYC.Paul Martinka.

Hambly testified that Ana had actually suffered fatigue and having actually a blocked nose days before she died.On the train, she asked “about if she was feeling even worse in New York what would the situation have to do with getting to a medical professional” but did not particularly ask to see one, stated Hambly, who also recommended Ana to purchase a decongestant and cough syrup in a New York City drug store, the Bristol Post reported.

He stated the trainee had a “coughing fit” and “provided over a bin and retched” at the Empire State Building.

On Dec. 18, Ana told her mom that her instructors had “forced her to go on a strolling trip as they could not leave her alone.”.

The primary medical examiner ruled the cause of death as bronchopneumonia and sepsis complicating an influenza upper respiratory infection, according to the report.

” She said that the instructors had really upset her as she was out of breath and tired and might not stay up to date with their walking however that they simply disregarded her and continued,” she continued.

” I was likewise informed he had also recommended that they go to a pharmacist in Philadelphia to get some more powerful drugs which if she felt worse in New York, they would take her to a medical professional.”.

The teenagers moms and dads informed Avon Coroners Court on Monday that Ana wished to see a physician for what she thought was a chest infection, however that her teachers “declined” 2 days before she died.

” Ana said that she was worried she had a chest infection, that she felt much even worse and had a cough and a fever,” Anas mother, Natalia Uglow, told the inquest.

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