UC Berkeley scientists examine human waste in sewers for signs of coronavirus hotspots: report – Fox News

Whats the current poop on coronavirus break outs? Researchers at the University of California at Berkeley may be able to inform you.The researchers have been collecting samples of human waste from drains in the San Francisco Bay Area to identify “hotspot” locations where the coronavirus is most widespread, according to a report.Evidence of coronavirus infection is often present in waste samples, the scientists told FOX 2 of the Bay Area– and they decided that accessing samples from drains would be more efficient than going door to door to request samples from residents.PLAN TO DETECT CORONAVIRUS IN WASTEWATER MAY HELP PINPOINT CONTACT TRACING NEEDS”Wastewater naturally swimming pools the waste from hundreds to even countless individuals in a single sample, team leader Kara Nelson, a teacher of environmental and civil engineering at UC Berkeley, told the station.”So if you can gather a representative sample of wastewater and evaluate it, you can gain a tremendous quantity of information that you likely could not gain through testing people separately,” she added.Wastewater firms from three Bay Area counties are assisting in the task, with a 4th county anticipated to join soon, the report said.The samples are collected at “drain sheds,” where waste from numerous drain lines converge into a single pipe or treatment station. The samples can include waste from numerous thousand to a number of hundred thousand residents, the scientists informed FOX 2. CLICK ON THIS LINK FOR COMPLETE CORONAVIRUS COVERAGEThen DNA in the samples is examined to determine the existence of coronavirus, with UC Berkeleys Department of Molecular and Cell Biology helping in the process.The UC Berkeley group wants to share its methods and details with other parts of the U.S. to help them study the rate of infection in those locations, Nelson informed FOX 2.

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