Two outdoor music festivals raise concerns as more than 150 attendees test positive for COVID-19 – Insider

“If youre outdoors and youre crammed in with someone, its getting closer to being like an indoor environment, where you have truly high aerosol exposure from the person thats a foot from you, or perhaps inches from you,” aerosol scientist Alex Huffman told Rolling Stone.Other music festivals are selecting stricter approaches. Organizers for New Jerseys Sea Hear Now celebration, slated to bring Pearl Jam, The Smashing Pumpkins, Patti Smith, and Billy Idol to Asbury Park on September 18 and 19, will need participants to either be fully immunized against COVID-19 or produce a negative test result, according to September 13, participants of concerts in New York City will be needed to supply proof of vaccination utilizing the citys new app, the states Excelsior app, or a paper card, The New York Times reported.

Health authorities have actually traced a total of 158 coronavirus cases to 2 July music celebrations.
Even at outside locations, participants bunching closely together results in high aerosol direct exposure.
NYC will impose proof of vaccination at performances beginning September 13.

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Health officials are investigating recent COVID-19 outbreaks connected to two outside music festivals as the delta variant continues to spread out across the US.Officials traced 96 cases to the Faster Horses Festival kept in Brooklyn, Michigan, from July 16-18, and 62 cases to the Pendleton Whisky Music Fest held in Pendleton, Oregon, on July 10, neither of which needed participants to be immunized, Rolling Stone reported.Umatilla County, Oregon, Public Health Director Joe Fiumara told Rolling Stone that contact tracing confirmed that much of the transmission happened in an area where fans were in close distance with each other. The CDC updated its guidance on July 27, recommending totally vaccinated people wear masks in public indoor settings in locations of high or significant transmission.

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