The protein CD47 may contribute to the severity of COVID-19 infections in people –

September 25, 2021 @ 6:05 PM Have a tip for the newsroom, press release, regional occasion listing or digital material to share? Send it here. When they contract COVID-19, support our mission by going to and becoming a month-to-month subscriber.Researchers believe that one particular protein in a person is what determines the seriousness of the virus. It appears that people with higher levels of the CD47 protein present on the surface of infected cells obstructs the body immune system from combating the virus.The concern is that the CD47 protein signifies the immune system to not hurt it, and if its in the way then the immune system cant navigate it. The job of the protein is to signal the body immune system to not attack healthy cells. Researchers are discovering that when the virus infects human cells, more of that protein appears on the surface.This is stopping the body immune system from acknowledging the danger, allowing the virus to reproduce, develop more symptoms, and potentially damage the body.Risk elements like aging and diabetes reveal a link to CD47; those people have more of that protein.High high blood pressure likewise has big quantities of CD47 as a contributing factor, which likewise happens to be a threat consider COVID infections.Researchers are optimistic that by making this discovery, they can find a way to reduce the seriousness of symptoms in the majority of people. Desire the most current headings in your inbox each morning? Click on this link to sign up for our Morning Edition and Sunday Insight newsletters. They are dedicated to keeping you in the know. You can also download the App for Android (All Android Devices) or iOS (iPhone, iPad).

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