SOS messages, panic as virus breaks Indias health system – Fox News

BRAND-NEW DELHI (AP)– Dr. Gautam Singh dreads the day-to-day advent of the ventilator beeps, signifying that oxygen levels are seriously low, and hearing his critically ill patients start gasping for air in the New Delhi emergency ward where he works.Like other physicians throughout the country, which on Monday set another record for brand-new coronavirus infections for a 5th day in a row at more than 350,000, the cardiologist has required to pleading and borrowing cylinders of oxygen simply to keep his most vital patients alive for one more day.
Municipal workers prepare to bury the body of an individual who passed away of COVID-19 in Gauhati, India, Sunday, April 25, 2021. (AP Photo/Anupam Nath).
After two days, “I actually began turning the corner. Treatments like these can assist newly diagnosed clients prevent hospitalization, however they are grossly underused since they need an IV.

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