Some Long Covid-19 Patients Feel Better After Vaccine Doses – The New York Times

One study of 345 people, mainly females and mainly in the U.K., discovered that two weeks or more after their second vaccine dosage, 93 felt slightly much better and 18 felt back to typical– a total of 32 percent reporting enhanced long Covid symptoms.In that study, by Gez Medinger, a London-based filmmaker who has actually experienced post-Covid symptoms, 61 individuals, simply under 18 percent, felt worse, most of them reporting just a small decline in their condition. Almost half– 172 individuals– reported feeling no different.Another study, by Survivor Corps, a group of over 150,000 Covid survivors, found that as of March 17, 225 of 577 respondents reported some enhancement, while 270 felt no change and 82 felt worse.Jim Golen, 55, of Saginaw, Minn., feels some long Covid symptoms have worsened considering that his vaccination.

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