Small Number of Covid Patients Develop Severe Psychotic Symptoms – The New York Times

Brain scans, spine fluid analyses and other tests didnt discover any brain infection, said Dr. Gabbay, whose healthcare facility has treated 2 patients with post-Covid psychosis: a 49-year-old male who heard voices and believed he was the devil and a 34-year-old female who began carrying a knife, disrobing in front of complete strangers and putting hand sanitizer in her food.Physically, most of these patients didnt get very ill from Covid-19, reports suggest. “Its really rare for you to establish this type of psychosis in this age variety,” Dr. Goueli stated, because such symptoms more generally accompany schizophrenia in young people or dementia in older clients. And some patients– like the physical therapist who took herself to the medical facility– understood something was incorrect, while generally “individuals with psychosis do not have an insight that theyve lost touch with truth.

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