Slog PM: Parts of Europe Enter Another Lockdown, COVID Cases Up in King County, and Redmond Will Trade You Gift Cards for a Hotel Reservation –

After a plateau, King County sees 13% increase in cases over the past two weeks: At his weekly press conference on Friday, Public Health Seattle and King County chief Dr. Jeff Duchin invited vaccine-related optimism but worried that we can not let it “blind us” to the reality that “the risk is not gone.”

The problem: Now that the county is looking more, theyre discovering more variations. King County now has 93 cases of the more deadly and virulent UK version, 6 cases southern African variant, and two cases of the Brazilian variation. Duchin said the UK version will likely become dominant this month. Though well see less death as these variants take over, Duchin alerted that COVID-19 is “not a benign illness for younger grownups.” New research out of the University of Washington reveals that as much as 1/3 of people who capture the bug establish long-lasting symptoms. “Increasing activities with increasing variants is an unsafe combination,” Duchin included, indicating the case increases and revealing concern that individuals might be “deserting required levels of preventative measure” due to their optimism about the vaccine.


The CDC shrinks social distance requirement in schools: Now teachers only need to position those agonizing little desks 3 feet apart from one another rather than six feet apart, according to the Associated Press. The relocation may simplify the game of COVID Tetris school districts need to play to get kids back in schools securely– in the nick of time for summer!

Lets not get arrogant, individuals! Germany to enter lockdown again. Ditto France and Poland. An “rapid” rise in COVID cases prompted German Chancellor Angela Merkel to begin clamping down on activities. A huge increase in cases among more youthful individuals and the spread of variations have actually conspired to create “some fairly tough weeks ahead of us,” German Health Minister Jens Spahn told the BBC. Representatives from these European nations, who paused administration of the AstraZeneca vaccine this week over (eventually unfounded) fears that it increased blood clot, likewise said they do not have enough vaccine to slow the spread.

The great news: The county has actually seen no brand-new outbreaks at long-term care centers in the previous 2 weeks (though the county has actually seen 17 outbreaks in basic recently), and nearly 80% of the countys 65+ population has actually been vaccinated, though racial disparities still stay. The county likewise finally has adequate eyeballs on the new versions– the CDC advises we check 5% of all favorable cases for variants, and as of today were examining 6%.

Please, everybody: Continue to use your mask, keep your range, and limitation journeys. Again, even if service lobbyists have actually effectively pressed the government to unwind restrictions doesnt indicate were not in a pandemic. Simply put: Just due to the fact that you can do something, doesnt imply you need to do something. Were close to a time when risks will be much lower, so hold out for that.

See Jacob Lawrences reunited Struggle series at SAM– the exhibits only stop on the West Coast.

I desire to catch this joke in the wild:

In other COVID news, a brand-new father joke is sweeping the country: “oh, you got the vaccine? What taste?”– Claudia Yaw (@YawClaudia) March 19, 2021

While its good that Biden is speaking out versus hate, it d be additional good if he d put his anti-xenophobic and anti-racist rhetoric into action with regard to all the kids were caging down at the southern boarder. A media writer at the Washington Post talked to a bunch of journalists covering the current increase of people moving north to leave fallout from natural catastrophes and COVID-19, and it appears like Biden is even worse than Trump on openness. “The Biden administration has adopted an unwritten set of limitations on media access to info” on its handling of the crisis, denying all demands from reporters to photo or tour the overcrowded centers, writes Erik Wemple. Hate to state it, however fucking Sean Hannity is ideal about this one: “Theyre now telling Border Patrol representatives, no ride-alongs, any media requests send them to Washington. Thats not transparent. What proficient federal government– what are they attempting to conceal?”

A huge increase in cases amongst more youthful people and the spread of versions have conspired to create “some fairly difficult weeks ahead of us,” German Health Minister Jens Spahn told the BBC. King County now has 93 cases of the more deadly and virulent UK variant, 6 cases of the South African variation, and two cases of the Brazilian variant. “Increasing activities with increasing variations is a harmful mix,” Duchin included, pointing to the case increases and revealing issue that individuals may be “deserting necessary levels of preventative measure” due to their optimism about the vaccine.

Difficult to see this effort to improve tourist as anything other than plea for greater case counts, but what are you gon na do– pay individuals to stay house? Speaking of giveaways: This Sunday West Seattles Lady Jaye is providing away “100 German Street-Style Bratwursts to the first 100 people that come by starting at 11 am.

Speaking of giveaways: This Sunday West Seattles Lady Jaye is distributing “100 German Street-Style Bratwursts to the first 100 individuals that come over starting at 11 am. It will generally be a Bratwurst in a split-top bun with mustard and curry catsup,” according to the West Seattle Blog. Its an early lunch, but who can state no to a hot brat? Sit down, vegetarians. I know youre correct, but no ethical intake under capitalism etc etc

China chattin with the US in Alaska: After Chinese and American diplomats exchanged some “theatrical” griping at the Captain Cook Hotel in Anchorage, Alaska, the two sides “came down to service” on some major worldwide concerns, Al Jazeera reports. The United States desires China to launch from jail two Canadians China accused of espionage after Canada scooped up Huawei Technologies primary monetary officer at our wish. United States Secretary of State Antony Blinken also plans to bring up the entire requiring a million Uighurs into “labor” camps thing, along with the nations anti-democratic “crackdown on Hong Kong,” plus “recent proceed Taiwan and hacking efforts.”

No crass joke? No great individuals on both sides? Nope, simply a President and a Vice President using their pulpit to condemn hatred and convenience a neighborhood grieving the dead. According to the New York Times, President Biden and VP Kamala Harris acknowledged and denounced bigotry, xenophobia, and sexism in America. Biden offered alleviation to the mourning households. “The day will come when their memory brings a smile to your lips prior to it brings a tear to your eye, as believable as that is now. It will take a while, however I guarantee you it will come. And when it does, thats the day you know youre going to make it,” he stated.

Amazon settles wage-theft suit for $8.2 million: Two drivers said Amazon required them to “work without lunch or rest breaks” as they delivered bundles for a company with which the trillion-dollar business contracts. Amazon told the Seattle Times, who covered the story, they dont endure labor infractions. (They simply settle them, I think.) In any event, the chauffeurs for the professional will get $5.5 million from the class action suit.

All of those descriptors, the Seattle Times inform us, ended up being projections of his officers own mind, and great evidence of law enforcements general personality towards the homeless. In the audio of the call, the Sheriff reveals a sense of victimhood and racist fear described by the boy of the Tacoma cop who drove his cruiser through a crowd of individuals at a drag race.

. A little Bon Jovi to lead us into the weekend (the sing along part comes at the 1 minute mark). #QuarantineHobby— Gbenga Ajilore ♂ (@gbenga_ajilore) March 19, 2021

Another symptom of our necro-economic model: The City of Redmond is tapping lodging tax dollars to fund $100 present cards for people who stay in participating hotels within the city for more than two days, KING 5 reports. The gift cards operate at “taking part dining establishments, pastry shops, gym, and other regional attractions around the city.” Hard to see this effort to improve tourist as anything aside from plea for higher case counts, but what are you gon na do– pay individuals to remain home? Hah, what is this, New Zealand?


Among the Atlanta victims, Delaina Ashley Yaun. Gutting.— Matt Pearce (@mattdpearce) March 19, 2021

The LA Times talked with the households of the victims of the racist Atlanta massacre: “Gutting” is right.

Seattles city council districts require to be redrawn: And SCC Insight did some mathematics, determined which districts require to diminish or grow, and proposed a brand-new map. If the redistricting commission draws lines that appear like his, then, after an extremely brief look at the 2019 precinct outcomes, and with inadequate of an understanding yet of how the pandemic and protests have actually reshaped the political leanings of the present districts, I believe political dynamics would basically remain the exact same across districts, except for District 6 becoming much more of a NIMBY fortress. Not that you d ever require permission, but please feel complimentary to excoriate me for this flyby analysis in the remarks.

A little news tucked into this follow-up from the Blake decision in the Seattle Times: The Spokane County Prosecuting Attorneys Office (SCPAO) submitted a movement with the Supreme Court to reevaluate their choice to overrule the states easy possession drug law. In the motion, SCPAO Larry Haskell rather condescendingly argued that it was “unclear whether all members of this Court considered the very various repercussions” of the choice because the Court wasnt informed “on the retroactive impact of the bulks decision,” as if the majority didnt know what the fuck they were doing when they liquified the law the criminal legal system has actually used in a racist way for decades. Anyways, the Times stated King County district attorney Dan Clark “acknowledged such motions are frequently denied,” so the judgment will probably still stand. Well see!

Grocery industry appeals dismissal of danger pay fit: These greedy little big box grocers submitted an appeal after a federal judge decided the other day that Seattle could, in truth, tell massive grocery shop chains to give their frontline employees short-term raises of $4 per hour, according to KING 5.

Pierce Co Sherriff mentions homelessness twice on this call: that the Black, 24-year-old newspaper shipment chauffeur looked “homeless” and was in a “homeless-looking” car.— Sydney Brownstone (@sydbrownstone) March 19, 2021

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