Scottsdale man dies after suffering from West Nile Virus – ABC15 Arizona

SCOTTSDALE, AZ– Maricopa County has experienced its 4th West Nile Virus death this year as a Scottsdale guy went from sitting on his back patio to the emergency clinic in less than a week.Donald Streets, 86, died on Friday, September 17, after contracting the West Nile Virus. His kid presumes Streets contracted the infection while sitting outside at his home on Tuesday, August 31.”He stated, Oh its lovely outside you must head out on your deck,” said Ramin Streets, Donald Streets kid, checking out a text message his dad sent out to him. “So I knew he was out there.” That text was sent on a Tuesday, by Friday, Donald Streets was feeling ill. Not long after, he was being confessed to the emergency space.”He was getting unsteady on his feet, his hands were shaking,” stated his child. “This was a two-week crash and it was a surprise. The family is in shock, Im in shock.”Ramin Streets decided for medical professionals to test his daddy for West Nile Virus, verifying the diagnosis just days before his death.Donald Streets is the fourth person in Maricopa County to die of the West Nile Virus this year. So far, there have been 90 reported cases, a significant jump from 2020, when there were just three cases and one death for the entire year.According to the CDC, symptoms of the West Nile Virus range from fever and lightheadedness to loss of sight and paralysis. Symptoms can reveal anywhere from three to 14 days.Ramin Streets hopes by sharing his fathers story, he can avoid other elderly individuals, who are more susceptible to disease from the West Nile Virus, from contracting the virus.”People who are roughly his age, I would state 70 plus, if we have summer seasons this damp, I imply stay indoors, dont risk this. You do not desire to go through what he went through,” said Ramin.

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