Scientists help mice live 23 percent longer—the equivalent of 120 years old in human years | TheHill – The Hill

” The changes we saw in mice might be translatable to humans, and if so that would be exciting.” In 2012, Cohen did the same experiment, increasing the protein levels of just 15 percent of the male mice.In the most current research study, Cohen worked together with international scientists, including Prof. Rafael de Cabo from the US National Institutes of Health (NIH), to improve his previous work.It was a success, with 30 percent of male mice living longer than the regulated group and 15 percent of female mice living longer than their regulated contraparts.Older mice produce greater energy from SIRT6, resulting in lower cholesterol levels and a lower occurrence of cancer.” We are establishing little particles that may increase the levels SIRT6, or make existing amounts of the protein more active,” he informed the Times of Israel.

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