Scientists find 13 rare Alzheimers gene variants | TheHill – The Hill

Scientists have identified 13 variants of genes linked to Alzheimers disease that are new to scientists.” This paper brings us to the next stage of disease-gene discovery by enabling us to look at the whole sequence of the human genome and evaluate the uncommon genomic variants, which we couldnt do before,” says Dmitry Prokopenko of Massachusetts General Hospitals McCance Center for Brain Health, who is lead author of the study, in a press release.Identifying uncommon variations of genes can contribute essential details about the biology of the disease, says Rudolph Tanzi, who is vice chair of Neurology and director of the health centers Genetics and Aging Research Unit and last author on the paper, in the press release. “With this research study, we think we have developed a new template for going beyond basic GWAS and association of illness with common genome versions, in which you miss out on much of the hereditary landscape of the disease,” states Tanzi.While there is no one specific gene that is accountable for Alzheimers disease, scientists are discovering more about what hereditary variations and combinations may lead to increased risk.

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