San Mateo County Not Under Shelter Order; Supervisor Calls for Shutdown – NBC Bay Area

Manager David Canepa said the county requires to enter into life-saving mode, with just 6 readily available beds left in intensive care systems countywide as of Friday.

A San Mateo County supervisor states the county should join others in the Bay Area and not await the states order to close down.

The county stays open in terms of outdoor dining, hair salons and other businesses that are restricted in most other counties in the region.

” We got a great deal of people from various places: San Jose, Hayward, San Francisco, a couple from Modesto,” he stated.

” And now what weve done is weve created a local center for people to come visit us, which is not cool,” he said.

Troy Morris at Captains Barbershop stated hes seen a great deal of out-of-towners lately.

As of Friday morning, the ICU bed counts in the Bay Area, by county, were as follows:

Canepa states his county needs to shelter in location now.

Previously this week, Santa Clara County had 63 beds available. That number plunged to only 38 open beds in a single day and now stands at 34.

Staying ICU capability is statistic health authorities are continuing to monitor. If the rate across the Bay Area area, which consists of Santa Cruz and Monterey counties, drops below 15%, Gov. Gavin Newsoms local stay-at-home order takes impact, closing down a great deal of businesses.

Alameda County: 75San Francisco: 45Santa Clara: 34Contra Costa: 33.

“We ought to sign up with the others in the stay-at-home order, and we must do it now due to the fact that its the responsible thing to do. San Mateo County is not an island,” he stated.

Napa, Solano, Sonoma and Marin counties each have less than 15 beds available.

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