PRP Injections Don’t Top Placebo for Ankle Osteoarthritis

To examine the value of PRP injections as a treatment for ankle OA, the researchers launched a double-blind, randomized clinical trial of Dutch clients with noteworthy ankle pain and tibiotalar joint area constricting. From six websites in the Netherlands, 100 clients (45% females, suggest age 56 years) were divided into 2 groups: one that received 2 intra-articular injections of PRP 6 weeks apart (n = 48) and one that received 2 injections of saline placebo (n = 52).
At standard, imply American Orthopaedic Foot and Ankle Society (AOFAS) scores were 63 in the PRP group and 64 in the placebo group (range 0-100, with greater scores suggesting less pain and more function). At 26-week follow-up, the mean AOFAS rating improved by 10 points in the PRP group (95% CI, 6-14; P < Platelet-rich plasma (PRP) injections did not significantly improve discomfort or function when compared to placebo injections in patients with ankle osteoarthritis (OA), a new research study has discovered. " Previous evidence for PRP injections in ankle osteoarthritis was limited to 4 small case series with methodological defects," write Liam D. A. Paget, MD, of the University of Amsterdam, the Netherlands, and co-authors. The research study was released online today in the J ournal of the American Medical Association.

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