Penis Shrinkage Caused by Pollution, Scientist Claims – TMZ

The compound in question is called phthalates, which are chemicals created in the production of plastics … which, when exposed to the human endocrine system, screws with our natural hormonal agent process– a dynamic that Dr. Swan says is impacting our reproductive organs.

She mentions various peer-reviewed studies in her findings, which say theres a scary pattern of modern-day babies being born with noticeably much shorter members– which she straight links to the phthalates she states are leaking into our toys and even some foods we consume.

And you believed a cold swimming pool was bad … sound the alarm!!!

Dr. Swan says the very same result was observed in rat fetuses exposed to phthalates … and now its being seen in human beings also– which she calls a crisis in the making.

This is part of a bigger issue which has also been discussed in other places– the truth that maless sperm count and practical sperm global is plummeting. If this continues at the rate its at now … well all be essentially impotent by 2045, Dr. Swan estimates that.

Dr. Shanna Swan– a teacher of environmental medication and public at NYCs Mount Sinai Hospital– made the startling claim in a brand-new book of hers … describing that, based upon her research, male penises are getting traditionally smaller sized due to manufacturing by-products.

If youre a person and didnt appreciate contamination before today, you might wan na rethink that stance– because your manhood (and that of any future childs) is being seriously truncated since of it … so states a scientist.

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