Pasadena will require face masks indoors again regardless of vaccination status as virus cases climb – KTLA Los Angeles

Pasadena is urging locals to get a COVID-19 vaccine stating they are “Safe, available and efficient at no charge.”

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” While Pasadenas case rates were lower than LA Countys last week, weekend case rates continued to climb,” the citys tweet stated.

Now, city officials stated Pasadena satisfies the Center for Disease Control and Preventions meaning of “significant transmission” of COVID-19.

[2/3] The order will be settled and posted today. While Pasadenas case rates were lower than LA Countys recently, weekend case rates continued to climb.– City of Pasadena (@PasadenaGov) July 20, 2021

Face masks will quickly be required inside your home again in Pasadena, despite a persons vaccination status, as coronavirus cases have started to install again over the previous 3 weeks, the city announced on Monday night.

A new health officer order mandating face coverings has yet to be issued, however city authorities stated the guidelines will be completed and made public this week.

The brand-new health officer order, which has actually not yet been officially issued, will need face masks indoors, no matter vaccination status, in public settings and services.

Los Angeles County began requiring face masks inside again on Saturday, but Pasadena did not follow match at that time as it has its own public health department.

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