Oregon mink farm, staff infected in COVID-19 outbreak – New York Post

COVID-19 has discovered its way to an Oregon mink farm, where both staff and animals are getting infected, according to the U.S. Department of Agriculture.
The USDAs National Veterinary Service Laboratory has confirmed the existence of the virus in 10 samples it received from the Oregon Department of Agriculture, and the state veterinarian, Dr. Ryan Scholz, put the farm under quarantine until additional notification.
” We have been engaged with the Oregon mink industry for some time, providing information on biosecurity to prevent the introduction of SARS-CoV-2 and were all set to respond,” Scholz said.
” The farmer did the best thing by self-reporting signs very early and he is now working together with us and Oregon Health Authority (OHA) in taking care of his animals and staff.
” So far, we have no reports of mink mortalities connected to the infection but that could change as the virus progresses.”
COVID-19 has been found on farms in 3 other states, consisting of Utah, where 8,000 minks were lost to the infection, along with in Michigan and Wisconsin.
Break outs have actually also occurred on farms in the Netherlands, Italy, Sweden, Spain, and Denmark, where the infection required the slaughter of 17 million mink.

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