Orange County digs deeper into red tier as two coronavirus metrics worsen – OCRegister

A turnaround in progress on two coronavirus metrics kept track of by California public health leaders is planting Orange County more strongly at a loss tier of the states pandemic tracking system, which determines what can reopen in each county.
The state Department of Public Healths weekly tier system update on Tuesday, Oct. 27, revealed the countys case rate increased to 5.1 new cases daily per 100,000 citizens from 4.6 cases per 100,000 recently.
The share of tests returning favorable among some of the countys pandemic-troubled communities– called the health equity metric– grew to 6% from 5.6% last week, subtracting from strong gains made given that the indication was introduced previously this month.
Public health officials are seeing health equity to flag higher COVID-19 spread in low-income locations, where lots of residents cant work from house and dont have the health care resources to browse the pandemic.
Though Orange County lost ground in 2 thoroughly enjoyed coronavirus metrics, it held the line on the 3rd: The countys general screening positivity– the share of swab tests returning positive– was the same since last week at 3.2%.

The 3 metrics are pillars of the state Department of Public Healths four-tier tracking system and are vital to public health experts in managing which business and public sectors can resume, and at what capacity, as the pandemic drags on.
Counties need to stay in one of four tiers– purple, red, orange or yellow– for at least three weeks and qualify in all 3 metrics for the next tier for two weeks to move on. Tiers cant be skipped and counties that backpedal in any metric could go back to a stricter level.
Orange County left the purple tier for “extensive” danger on Sept. 8, and because has actually remained in the red tier for “considerable” risk.

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