One Medical Loses Vaccine Partnerships with SF, Alameda, San Mateo Counties – NBC Bay Area

One Medical is a national health care service provider with patients who pay $199 to become new members. On Wednesday, our team reported San Francisco County Department of Public Health (SFDPH) punished One Medical for vaccinating ineligible clients and preparing unapproved vaccination events, like walk-ins and an Oracle Park mass vaccination launch.

We received this info after asking SFDPH about reports we got of individuals paying the cost just to benefit from the organizations easy-to-book vaccine appointment system.

San Mateo County and Alameda County state they have actually stopped assigning additional vaccines to One Medical, an SF-based national healthcare practice, the Investigative System verified with the counties Thursday.

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In reaction, the business said in a declaration, they “in good faith– vaccinated a group of public school instructors who had been referred to One Medical by their school superintendent.”

In reaction to the county penalties, One Medical launched a declaration saying, “Those whom we have vaccinated within the unspecified number of dosages in concern from the [San Francisco Department of Public Health] have particularly attested that they were qualified health care workers.”

” The issues with One Medical were frustration however are not agent of the countys robust and successful vaccination effort,” San Mateo County authorities said in a statement.

On Thursday, One Medical said it hasnt gotten info that its not getting future allocations from Alameda County. NBC Bay Area connected to county authorities for explanation.

On Thursday, San Mateo County representative sent out a declaration saying the county got a problem and discovered One Medical used vaccines to immunize 70 disqualified individuals. The county immediately ceased providing One Medical vaccines on February 5, the representative wrote, and terminated its contract with the practice.

” We had authorization from the SFDPH to vaccinate this group and were transparent with SFDPH about our procedure and protocols to do so,” One Medical stated. “We take pride in our groups steadfast commitment to doing our best to save lives at this vital time.”

Alameda County authorities stated in late January they designated numerous dozes to One Medical, but after discovering the practice was preparing to immunize more than their healthcare employees, they stopped distribution.

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