Omicron variant symptoms: Is muscle pain an omicron symptom? – Deseret News

Muscle pain has emerged as among the biggest COVID-19 signs throughout the omicron variant wave.
Whats occurring: Dr. Charu Dutt Arora, a COVID-19 professional who works with medical services at the Asian Institute of Medical Sciences, stated he has seen muscle discomfort as one of the greatest recent signs, The Indian Express reports.
What he stated: “Although people believe that Covid-19 is mainly a respiratory infection and triggers just infection of the lungs, there have actually been multiple studies in the West which have shown that 63 percent of the patients infected by the Delta variation and 42 percent of the patients infected by the Omicron variation have actually reported neck and back pain as one of the significant signs,” he said, according to The Indian Express.

Flashback: Back discomfort and muscle aches have been long-documented signs for the coronavirus. According to multiple professionals, pain in the back can remain after infection.
“Back discomfort, though common in many viral fevers, however compared to Delta, Omicron patients tend to have more back discomfort and less loss of odor and taste,” said Dr. Ann Mary, an expert of general medicine at Amrita Hospital in Kochi, told IANS, per Business Standard.

Information: The body will feel muscle pain in three different areas after a COVID-19 infection– the head, lower back and muscles.

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