North Carolina zoo temporarily closing its bird habitat amid avian flu outbreak – Fox News

” Closing the Aviary is a preventive, precautionary measure to safeguard all our bird species at the Zoo as the illness can spread out really quickly and is often deadly to them,” NC Zoo Director of Animal Health Dr. Jb Minter said this week. “The illness has so far only been discovered in an extremely couple of wild birds in North and South Carolina. SALMONELLA OUTBREAK TIED TO PET BEARDED DRAGONS, CDC SAYSThe NC Zoo noted that the spread of avian influenza “might have destructive impacts on poultry farms (both business and yard flocks) and birds living in zoos and wildlife.
The poultry industry, which is North Carolinas top agricultural product, is susceptible to the avian flu if the virus reached domesticated birds..
( CDC) CLICK HERE TO GET THE FOX NEWS APPIf the break out reaches the poultry industry, then farmers have to choose, or depopulate, their flocks to manage the spread. Avian flu infections in people are extremely uncommon but can be extreme when they take place..

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