Nearly 200 people possibly exposed to rabid bat at Nebraska zoo sleepover – New York Post

The female wasnt scratched or bitten, but the zoo later on found 7 wild bats — consisting of one that checked positive for rabies– inside the location and stated as much as 186 people may have been exposed.

Nearly 200 individuals who paid to take part in a pajama party occasion at a zoo in Nebraska are being advised to get rabies shots– because they might have been exposed to a rabid bat, according to officials.

In recent months, the zoo has actually used shark-centric overnight “Sleeping Bag Safaris.” It ranks amongst the worlds leading five aquariums, according to its Web site.

” The bats we identified were little brown bats, a typical bat species in Nebraska that anybody could find in their backyard or attic,” said Doorly Zoo Animal Health Director Dr. Sarah Woodhouse. “It is not uncommon for a wild bat to be infected with rabies, which is why you should never ever straight touch a wild bat.”

The zoo offered campers who slept over between June 30 and July 4 refunds and is paying for their shots.

This sleep celebration bites.

A camper awoke at the Henry Doorly Zoo and Aquarium in Omaha on July 4 and identified among the disease-carrying mammals flying near her head, the zoo stated Friday.

Animal enthusiasts who checked out the aquarium during the day need not fear infection due to the fact that bats come out just during the night, Woodhouse stated.

It wasnt instantly clear how the bats entered into the venue, but staffers didnt discover any signs of long-term bat roosting, officials stated. The zoo has actually given that moved overnight outdoor camping events in other places.

The zoo later discovered 7 wild bats — including one that checked favorable for rabies– inside the place and said approximately 186 people might have been exposed.Omaha Zoo Handout

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