Nearly 200 Bend Senior HS students receive COVID-19 vaccines at first clinic, despite protests by opponents – KTVZ

La Pine High School: May 6 and May 27.

Bend Senior High School: April 29 and May 20.

Each high school will host 2 centers before completion of the school year, enabling trainees who choose to get involved to be totally vaccinated prior to the summer:.

By Thursday afternoon, about 75 students had gotten their first dosage of the vaccine, according to Mosaic Medical Pediatric Medical Director Ellie Millan.

Millan says they still plan to hold these centers for the next 4-5 weeks at high schools throughout Central Oregon.

Bend-La Pine Schools Director of Safety and Communication Julianne Repman states the vaccine is an optional service, comparable to their lunch program, clubs and sports.

” We will probably will double that by the end of the day, simply given the nature of after-school and before-school access times,” she stated. And the school district verified almost 200 vaccinations were done by days end.

Lots of have actually called it a speculative drug due to the fact that it has not been FDA-approved, and is running under emergency situation usage permission.

Moms and dads have actually emailed the Bend-La Pine School Board, voicing their issues over the vaccine– some in anger.

Redmond High School: May 7 and May 26.

Ridgeview High School: May 11 and June 1.

One parent who would not go on camera told us, “We have countless individuals who comprehend what is going on within Central Oregon and beyond … it is sanitation. “.

Mountain View High School: May 4 and May 25.

Haneys good friend, Camille Lentz, also saw the protesters and their signs.

(Update: Including video, remarks).

Nearly 4,000 trainees are qualified to take part in the clinics.

” Were sort of matching what the county has been doing at the fairgrounds by holding large-scale vaccine clinics, which actually opens gain access to for the neighborhood,” she said.

Top High School: May 6 and May 27.

Beginning Thursday, youth 16 and older, which is thought about one of the fastest-growing COVID-19 favorable age in the state, will have the ability to get their vaccine free of charge.

” When I was driving to school today I saw most likely nine individuals holding indications stating that the vaccines had aborted fetus cells in them or that were not check rabbits,” Haney said.

Siblings High School: May 13 and June 3.

BEND, Ore. (KTVZ)– Early Thursday early morning, a group of about 2 dozen protesters collected outdoors Bend Senior High School to voice their concerns at the first of several COVID-19 vaccination clinics being held at high schools around Central Oregon. But nearly 200 trainees got the shots anyway, authorities said.

Criminal County High School: May 4 and May 25.

One critic says vaccine is sterilization.

Bend High sophomore Sophie Haney says she saw the protesters before getting her first shot.

But according to fact-checking efforts by The Associated Press, there is no evidence to support such claim.

Madras High School: Completed in April.

” Some of them resembled little rhymes that stated Dont get poked,” Lentz said. “Some of them just stated, No.”.

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