N.J. college dorm under quarantine after COVID-19 found in sewage – NJ.com

Inform us about it here.Three hundred trainees were quarantining at New Jersey Institute of Technology in Newark after high levels of COVID-19 were discovered in the sewage of one of the dorms, authorities said.Every student at Cypress Hall was quarantined Wednesday night after the test results were released that evening, NJIT Chief Strategy Officer Matthew Golden informed NJ Advance Media.The students can leave campus, but the university will suspend their swipe access to facilities till they evaluate negative, Golden said.They are all doing virtual knowing while under quarantine and were all checked for COVID-19 Thursday early morning with the results anticipated by Monday at the most current, he said.None of the trainees have reported any symptoms of the virus.The school tests 400 trainees at random for COVID-19 each week, and before the positive sample in the sewage, just 3 individuals had actually tested positive, Golden said.He included that the waste water screening will be one of the universitys “finest tools” for capturing the infection early before it spreads.He stated it can be utilized as an “early warning system” for asymptomatic individuals as the virus can show up in their urine or feces, which ends up in waste water.The university has specialists in water screening on campus consisting of Professor Lucia Rodriguez-Freire. She informed NJ Spotlight News that she suggested the sewage test for COVID-19 and stated that is happening at several other universities in other states as well as the Netherlands, Finland and Spain.”The great thing about it is, we do not have to test people,” Rodriguez-Freire told the news outlet.

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