Multiple incidents of rabid raccoons approaching dogs in Raleigh in past month –

Animal control officers have actually reacted to 2 separate occurrences in September.

Raleigh, N.C.– Two raccoons in Raleigh have just recently checked favorable for rabies after entering into contact with canines.

Fortunately, in both occurrences, the canines rabies vaccinations were existing. The pet dogs owners were supplied with therapy concerning appropriate actions that ought to be taken.

Observations of uncommon behavior or other concerns about animals in Raleigh need to be reported immediately by calling 919-831-6311.

On Sept. 15, a raccoon eliminated during a battle with a canine on Old Mill Place checked positive for rabies.

Another wild raccoon entered contact with 2 pets on Arrowwood Drive in Raleigh back in May.

On Sept. 29, a raccoon referred to as “acting abnormally” entered contact with a pet dog on Lions Way. It was secured and likewise evaluated positive for rabies.

Wake County health authorities offer the following general suggestions to assist lessen rabies risks:

Residents need to not approach animals that they do not know.
Homeowners should ensure their animals have a present rabies vaccination. If a family pet is enabled outside, a booster vaccine is recommended. Outdoor animals ought to be kept inside up until they get booster vaccines.
Do not feed unknown or roaming animals, including felines and pet dogs.
Do not leave trash or food outside, unless it remains in a trash can with a tight-fitting cover.
If an animal is fed outside, do not leave food out over night.
If a pet is available in contact with an animal that may be rabid, get in touch with a veterinarian immediately.

Locals must guarantee their family pets have a present rabies vaccination. If a family pet is permitted outside, a booster vaccine is advised. Outside pets need to be kept inside up until they receive booster vaccines.

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