More Kids Are Hospitalized With Covid-19, and Doctors Fear It Will Get Worse – The Wall Street Journal

Healthcare facilities in the South and Midwest state they are treating more children with Covid-19 than ever and are getting ready for worse rises to come.
Cases there have leapt over the past 6 weeks as the extremely infectious Delta alternative spreads mainly among unvaccinated people. That is resulting in more sick kids in places where community spread of the variation is high, public-health experts state.
Children under age 12 arent yet eligible to be vaccinated, and vaccination rates for those in between 12 and 17 stay fairly low, according to information compiled by the American Academy of Pediatrics. Kids are much less likely than grownups to develop serious Covid-19 or pass away from the infection, recent data from the Department of Health and Human Services reveal pediatric hospitalizations for Covid-19 are at the highest point because the agency started tracking them last year, driven by states that have actually been hit hard by the Delta version.
Kids medical facilities are bracing for much more cases as schools reopen. They are hiring more nurses, remodeling discharge procedures, speeding up room cleanings, laying contingency strategies to expand bed capability and preparing staff for an uptick in multisystem inflammatory syndrome in children, or MIS-C. An uncommon condition that can occur numerous weeks after Covid-19 infection, MIS-C can lead to organ damage or even death without the correct diagnosis and management.
Other pediatricians do not think Delta is triggering more severe Covid-19 in children than earlier versions. With Delta spreading commonly, the number of kids hospitalized with Covid-19 far overtakes anything they saw in the past.

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