Love hormone could be to blame for male sex addiction: study – New York Post

Oxytocin– informally understood as the “love hormonal agent”– is naturally produced by both women and males and assists fuel positive emotions, like other hormones such as dopamine and serotonin.

The study examined 64 males with hypersexual condition, in addition to 38 guys who reported regular levels of sexual interest and arousal.

According to Healthline, previous research has shown “couples in the first stages of romantic attachment had substantially higher levels of oxytocin than their unattached equivalents.”

A brand-new research study published Wednesday in the Endocrine Societys Journal of Clinical Endocrinology & & Metabolism discovered that men with “hypersexual disorder” have “significantly higher” levels of oxytocin in their system.

Sex dependency is not acknowledged as a mental condition by the American Psychiatric Association, and many individuals have questioned whether it is a genuine ailment or simply a reason for bad habits.

Its formerly been approximated that between 3 and 6 percent of American adults struggle with sex addiction.

” Oxytocin plays an important function in sex addiction and may be a potential drug target for future pharmacological treatment,” co-author Dr. Andreas Chatzittofis informed Newswise.

Surprisingly, the levels of oxytocin in the sex-addicted men significantly decreased after they went through cognitive behavioral treatment– appearing to verify that sex dependency can successfully be treated without pharmaceuticals.

The scientists theorized that a drug that might possibly lower the levels of oxytocin might work to treat men with sex dependency. The study showed therapy was likewise successful.Getty Images/iStockphoto

In 2018, compulsive sex habits was included in the World Health Organizations International Classification of Diseases list for the first time.

Oxytocin is likewise credited with increasing levels of relaxation and trust– but the new study asserts that excessive of the hormone could be a bad thing for men.

Sex-addicted males have long been accused of lacking self-discipline– however new research study suggests there may be a clinical reason for their pressing bedroom hungers.

Signs include sex becoming the “main focus” of the individuals life at the neglect of health, personal care or duties and interests. The behavior ought to be clear for six months or more and trigger distress in personal lives.

WHOs list describes compulsive sexual habits disorder as a “consistent pattern of failure to control intense, recurring sexual impulses or urges leading to a repeated sexual habits.”

Researchers discovered “considerable favorable connections between oxytocin levels and the rating scales determining hypersexual habits.”

The study found that lots of guys who had a continuous need to get it on had higher levels of oxytocin.Getty Images

The research study might substantially change the manner in which hypersexual men are viewed by society– changing them from lusty Lotharios with poor impulse control to helpless victims of their own biology.

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