Job Postings Requiring Covid-19 Vaccination Jump in Past Month – The Wall Street Journal

Vaccination is significantly a requirement to be hired, as companies ranging from accounting and software companies to schools and restaurants are asking applicants to be inoculated against Covid-19.
The share of task postings mentioning that a brand-new hire must be immunized have nearly doubled in the previous month, according to the job search website Indeed. The total number stays low, approximately 1,200 postings requiring a vaccination per million in the first week of August. That is well up from about 600 in early July, and about 50 per million task posts in early February.
Much of the posts do not clearly name Covid-19 as the vaccine required for employment, said Indeed financial expert AnnElizabeth Konkel, who composed the report, but broader context of the job descriptions suggested most companies were referring to the coronavirus vaccine, rather than other shots. Early this year, before Covid-19 vaccines were widely available in the U.S., extremely few task postings outside of health care positions indicated a vaccination requirement, she said.
” While the variety of posts needing a vaccine is still low, its a pattern thats really taking off,” Ms. Konkel said. “I think a growing variety of companies are trying to keep employees safe and do not want to shut down again this winter … They see vaccines as the way out of this pandemic.”
The increased variety of task postings requiring vaccination comes at a time when the variety of coronavirus cases is rising due to the fact that of the fast-spreading Delta variant. Employers varying type the federal government and state of California to McDonalds Corp. and Walt Disney Co. are stating that a minimum of some of their employees need to soon be vaccinated versus Covid-19 to report to worksites, or sometimes face frequent testing or other requirements.

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