Israel’s First Covid-19 Vaccinations Were Easy. Now Comes the Hard Part. – The Wall Street Journal

TEL AVIV– Across the street from a bar packed with newly inoculated Israelis, a crowd collected on a recent Tuesday to oppose versus government pressure to take the vaccine, and the benefits it extends to the vaccinated.
Over the blare of techno music, a lot of the antivax protesters used sticker labels that check out “No to required vaccination” and grumbled that only they can choose what to do with their bodies. Their primary grievance: the so-called green passport, provided by the federal government, which enables those who have had both shots of the vaccine to get in fitness centers, dining establishments and bars.
” Im healthy, my body knows how to conquer,” said Tamir Hefetz, 46, one of the organizers of the antivaccine presentation. “The green passport is something dreadful.”
In the late phases of its vaccination drive, Israel is trying to convince holdouts to get immunized before brand-new variations of the coronavirus raise infection levels once again, causing additional damage to the countrys economy.
But the solidified pockets of resistance the Israeli federal government faces indicate the battles that await numerous Western nations, including the U.S., once they have inoculated much of their populations.

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