Is it COVID-19 or allergies? Utah doctor offers tips to know –

” Thats a crucial concern,” Dr. Todd Vento, infectious diseases expert, Intermountain Healthcare stated when resolving it Thursday.Vento told FOX 13 a few signs you should not see with Allergies consist of: Muscle AchesFeverSometimes aching throat and shortness of breathAs for an allergy-specific sign, sneezing isnt greatly associated with COVID-19But something to think about is an asymptomatic COVID-positive person who also has allergies might be prone to spreading the virus due to the fact that of excessive sneezing.” I personally do not want to go walking around where people are sneezing with no mask on,” Vento stated “With scratchy, watery eyes and then they tell you its simply allergic reactions dont worry; Im not gon na feel so great.” WATCH: U of U Health studying antidepressant as treatment for COVID-19The finest thing to do is keep using a mask and cover your face while sneezing due to the fact that while other diseases, such as the influenza, are at record-low levels right now, allergies will still be just as bad.Doctors state, when in doubt its constantly excellent simply to get tested to be 100% sure.

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