International travel is getting easier — except for the unvaccinated – CNBC


Where vaccines are easing travel restrictionsBarbados announced this week that quarantine requirements for vaccinated tourists will be reduced to no to 2 days, throughout which they can move around their hotels. Kids under 18 years old who are taking a trip with immunized moms and dads are subject to the exact same guidelines as immunized travelers, according to Barbados tourism marketing website.Mixed groups of vaccinated and unvaccinated tourists arent quite as fortunate. Vaccinated grownups taking a trip with unvaccinated adult companions who “pick not to be separated” are subject to the more onerous requirements enforced on the uninoculated.Barbados relaxed policy towards immunized travelers starts on May 8. · Belize: Vaccinated travelers require no tests to enter, however unvaccinated travelers (consisting of kids 5 years and older) should test negative before or after landing. · Georgia: Vaccinated tourists from all nations can enter by air, while unvaccinated tourists must hail from specific nations and test unfavorable before and after arriving.Will more places utilize vaccine-based policies?

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