How to protect yourself when someone in your home has COVID-19 – New York Post

A COVID-19 infection can spread out quickly and easily in a home, but there are some steps that will assist stop the transmission of the bug, a new research study says.
“Persons who think that they might have COVID-19 must isolate, remain at house, and use a separate bedroom and restroom if practical,” according to the research study which was supported by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.
The isolation ought to take location immediately even prior to getting tests results, the study states.
“Delaying seclusion until confirmation of infection could miss out on a chance to lower transmission to others,” the authors wrote.
When they are within the same area, the authors also suggest that everyone in the house uses masks.
The study discovered that 75% of secondary infections were identified within five days of the very first patient getting ill. Transmission was “regular” from both kids and adults.

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