Health department reports 1765 new COVID-19 cases, 4 deaths Sunday in Utah –

SALT LAKE CITY– In its daily update on the spread of the brand-new coronavirus in Utah, the state health department Sunday is reporting 1,765 new test-confirmed cases of COVID-19 and 4 deaths from the disease.The upgrade comes as 8,702 more Utahns were reported to have been evaluated over Saturdays numbers. It is extremely unusual in Utah to lose someone so young to COVID-19, and such deaths often include additional health complications or preexisting conditions.The new case figure represents Utahs second-highest number of cases ever reported on a single day, second just to Fridays 1,960 and up a little from Saturdays count.Over the previous week, Utah is balancing 1,490 reported cases per day and a favorable test portion of 16.6. Favorable COVID-19 test results are reported to the health department right away after they are confirmed, but unfavorable test outcomes may not be reported for 24 to 72 hours.The overall number of cases reported by the Utah Department of Health each day includes all cases of COVID-19 because Utahs outbreak started, consisting of those who are presently contaminated, those who have recuperated from the illness, and those who have died.Recovered cases are defined as anybody who was diagnosed with COVID-19 three or more weeks ago and has actually not died.Deaths reported by the state typically took place two to seven days prior to when they are reported, according to the health department.

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