Got COVID? Been Exposed to Someone With COVID? Now Humboldt Has Precise Instructions Laid Down for What You Should Do Next – Lost Coast Outpost

keeps people with COVID-19 different from those who are not sick.

From the Humboldt County Joint Information:
Healths Communicable Disease team today provided blanket isolation
and quarantine orders at
to assist Humboldt County be better placed for an increase in new
COVID-19 infections.
orders, formally called Mass Isolation and Mass Quarantine orders,
apply to all Humboldt County citizens who have contracted COVID-19
or who were exposed to the virus and might be contagious. Both orders
require a person to remain at their home or another residence up until the
infectious duration has passed.

keeps individuals who have been exposed to the virus separate from others
up until it is specific they are not contagious.
someone who checked positive for COVID-19 and anyone else who may have
been exposed to the virus were provided private orders for seclusion
and quarantine as part of the contact tracing procedure. These orders
When test results, consisted of name and address and were officially issued
were known. Humboldt County Health Officer Dr. Teresa Frankovich said
the goal with these blanket orders is to put details in individualss.
hands at the time they are being tested, so that those who test.
positive have whatever they require to act instantly.
” We.
will continue to connect to everybody who evaluates favorable for.
COVID-19 as part of our regular contact examinations, but as case.
numbers grow and the number of contacts for each case increases, we.
wish to make sure that there is no delay in people understanding what.
they require to do to keep themselves, their household and our neighborhood as.
safe as possible,” Dr. Frankovich stated. “This design has actually been utilized.
for some time in bigger counties and simply assists to increase.
performance when there are bigger numbers of cases to handle.”.
informative package includes copies of the blanket orders and.
instructions for house care throughout isolation or quarantine. To check out.
the documents in full, visit
the most recent COVID-19 information, visit
Regional details is available at
or throughout business hours by getting in touch with
or calling 707-441-5000.

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