‘Get the Shot: Unvaccinated Virginia Parents of 4 Die of COVID-19 – NBC4 Washington

” He stated, I feel bad.”.

” We d just state, Hey, Kevin lets get the shot, pal. Its not going to harm you,” Don Mitchem remembered..

” Please get it,” Don Mitchem said through tears. “That infection will take you at any age. Taking a mom and father is, its uncalled for,” he stated..

” He called me up and stated, Mom, I like you and I want that I d got the shot,” Terry Mitchem said. “Of course I informed him, Its previous. You cant do anything about it.”.

Kevins signs began to intensify. His family is frustrated that his first attempts to get medical aid did not result in treatment. He was given cough syrup, his moms and dads said..

Kevin passed away Oct. 8. Neither he nor Misty had been immunized..

Kevin Mitchem did call his mother..

Last month Kevin and his better half were each slowed down by illness. In Mistys case, COVID-19 hit tough and innovative quickly..

” Kevin called me on a Monday and stated, Mistys in the healthcare facility. They say shes got COVID. They instantly put her on a ventilator she was so bad,” Don Mitchem stated..

Kevin worked as a heavy equipment operator and helped his father, Don Mitchem, with side jobs carrying and cutting lawns trash..

” Oh, I know. Im alright. Im not going to get the shot. I do not need it,” he remembered his boy stating..

The following day, Kevin discovered his wife had passed away. Then his own condition became tomb..

Don Mitchem raced to the healthcare facility for a last discussion prior to his son was put on a ventilator..

Kevin and Misty Mitchem fulfilled in high school and married 17 years ago. They state shes got COVID. Kevins symptoms began to worsen.” He called me up and said, Mom, I like you and I wish that I d got the shot,” Terry Mitchem stated.” Please get it,” Don Mitchem stated through tears.

” He was constantly working to make ends meet etc. He loved his kids– always doing something with them,” his mother, Terry Mitchem, said.

A Virginia partner and partner in their 40s died of COVID-19 this month, leaving 4 kids without parents. Their loved ones had urged them to get vaccinated versus the infection but they refused. The household now wishes to attempt to assist others.

An auntie of the children is caring for them in South Carolina. The family set up a fundraiser for their care. Kevin Mitchems funeral service is Saturday in Woodbridge..

” He said, Dad, Im terrified to death,” Don Mitchem recalled, stopping to sob. “I told him to call his mommy.”.

Kevin and Misty Mitchem satisfied in high school and married 17 years ago. They were raising their four younger kids in Stafford County. Kevin likewise had an adult child and his first grandson..

A day later, his family was surprised to learn he was hospitalized too. While Misty had diabetes, Kevin had no health concerns..

” He said, Dad, Im going to the hospital,” Don Mitchem recounted..

” I said, Why, Kevin?”.

Kevins parents, who each had already had their booster shots, had actually attempted fruitless to persuade them..

Don and Terry Mitchem hope their households destructive story can assist unvaccinated people reconsider..

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