Georgia Sets New High for COVID-19 Cases as Kids Hit Hard

The rolling seven-day average for favorable COVID-19 tests rose to 9,641 daily Tuesday, topping the previous Jan. 11 high of 9,635, according to Georgia Department of Public Health figures.
Infections continue to increase as more schools send children home to discover remotely. The 21,000-student Bibb County district ended up being the largest to reveal a long time out of in-person guideline, saying students would not go back to buildings after Labor Day and would remain remote till Sept. 20.
” We are going to take the next 2 weeks to stop briefly in-person knowing and ideally guarantee that when students return, our schools will still be safe,” Superintendent Curtis Jones stated in a statement. Bibb County is amongst the Georgia districts that have been requiring masks and other precautions, but Jones said the virus is spreading out quickly outside of schools in the Macon area.

“Being 13, I would extremely seriously question it,” Proctor informed WSB-TV.

“So schools are a site of where there is transmission going on,” Toomey stated.

Were utilizing waiting rooms that have actually been turned into triage areas. Were utilizing every square inch of this health center,” Scott told WTOC-TV.

She stated public health authorities tracked more than 170 outbreaks statewide last week, the highest number since the pandemic began, with over half of them in schools.

The Floyd County school district stated the teenager was enrolled at Coosa High School on the western edge of Rome. The boys school is one of three Floyd County schools where masks are currently required.
Were utilizing service locations. Were using waiting rooms that have been turned into triage areas. Were utilizing every square inch of this health center,” Scott told WTOC-TV.

The 29,000-student Richmond County district revealed all Augusta students would discover from house for 2 days after Labor Day to permit staff members to clean schools.

Northeast Georgia Medical Center critical care staff work with COVID-19 patients in Gainesville, Ga
. ATLANTA (AP)– More Georgians are being diagnosed with COVID-19 than ever before, as the state passed its previous January high for positive tests Tuesday.

Toomey told press reporters Monday that in at least two events, public health staffers have actually been pestered by individuals opposing vaccination.

The Floyd County school district said the teenager was registered at Coosa High School on the western edge of Rome. Its uncertain where he captured the virus. The boys school is one of three Floyd County schools where masks are currently needed.
The coroner stated he didnt know if the boy had been vaccinated.

Some healthcare facilities are already seeing record numbers. Dr. Alan Scott, emergency clinic director at East Georgia Regional Medical Center in Statesboro, signed up with other medical facility leaders in asking people to come to a healthcare facility only for true emergency situations.

Officials say the quick spread amongst children is a brand-new element of the pandemic. Public Health Commissioner Kathleen Toomey said Monday that cases have actually escalated given that schools opened in early August.

In a south Georgia county, Department of Public Health spokesperson Nancy Nydam stated some public health staff members got “messages of hostility and misinformation about vaccinations” on social media accounts. In north Georgia, Nydam stated a mobile vaccination event was shut down after a group of individuals chewed out the staffers and called them names.

“Were seeing a significant variety of cases among school-aged children, and the variety of cases has actually nearly quadrupled over the last number of weeks, with the sharpest boost, the greatest number of cases, in children aged 11 to 17,” Toomey stated.

“Aside from feeling threatened themselves, staff recognized no one would wish to come to that place for a vaccination under those scenarios, so they evacuated and left,” Nydam stated.

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At least 200,000 Georgia trainees have had their school schedules interfered with because of COVID-19, with some districts taking day of rests, some moving to every-other-day schedules and some sending house individual schools or grades. Thats more than 11% of Georgias 1.7 million public school trainees.
In northwest Georgia, the Floyd County coroner informed news outlets that a 13-year-old kid who earlier checked positive for COVID-19 died Tuesday after his dad found he had stopped breathing before dawn. Coroner Harold Proctor stated the boys cause of death is noted as “breathing failure due to COVID-19.”

“Maybe it includes the territory for somebody of my position, but it should not be happening to those nurses who are working with you to try to keep this state safe,” Toomey said.

Nydam stated she didnt know when the occurrences took place and declined to launch the areas, saying it might make harassment even worse.

The variety of people hospitalized statewide with the breathing disease approached 5,700 Tuesday, just listed below the all-time record.

Majority of Georgias trainees are now under a mask required, according to announcements tracked by The Associated Press, however state officials have actually left it local authorities to choose.

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