Frat house outbreak leaves 93 infected with coronavirus at University of Washington – New York Post

A coronavirus break out at the University of Washingtons off-campus frat homes has actually left a minimum of 93 students sickened with the disease, the school revealed Friday.
Eighty-nine of the contaminated students at the Seattle school survive on Greek Row, while the other 4 came into close contact with frat house residents.
“What is taking place north of school offers lessons for trainees as they consider their return to campus this fall,” Dr. Geoffrey Gottlieb, chair of the UW Advisory Committee on Communicable Diseases, stated Tuesday, when the break out was first reported.
Gottlieb warned that in order to develop some form of “normalcy”– with interacting socially and participating in classes– trainees need to wear face coverings and practice social distancing.
“If we dont, procedures such as what are now needed on Greek Row will be unavoidable,” he stated.
While the universitys main coronavirus count related to Greek Row is 93, the schools student-led interfraternity council stated 117 fraternity members residing in 15 different houses have self-reported testing favorable.
The university said its working to validate the increased tally.

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