Florida Keys sees its first outbreak of Dengue Fever in 10 years with 16 people infected – Daily Mail

Florida Keys sees its first outbreak of Dengue Fever in 10 years as health department verifies 16 individuals have been infectedMore than a lots cases of dengue fever have been reported in the Florida Keys Dengue-carrying mosquitoes mainly feed upon humans and hardly ever take a trip more than 200 lawns away from their breeding habitat near houses Symptoms typically start with severe, flu-like symptoms, headache or muscle and joint discomfort By James Gordon For Dailymail.com Published: 20:23 EDT, 19 July 2020

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Symptoms includes serious muscle aches and pain, fever and a rash. The health department in Monroe and the Florida Keys Mosquito Control District are working closely to continue monitoring and prevention efforts. The mosquitoes will be released Monroe County in southern Florida later on this summer, and Oxitec says they will make a final choice on the area at the end of July.The strategy has actually been controversial, with some advocacy groups arguing the EPA hasnt effectively researched the potential repercussions of releasing genetically modified mosquitoes into the wild. Established by the British biotech firm Oxitec, the mosquitos include a protein that lowers the opportunities of survival for female offspring, which could lead to a gradual decrease in general mosquito populations and lower the spread of mosquito-born illness

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