Fear of superspreader community in California town destroyed in 2018 fire — Paradise has 18% vax rate – Raw Story

The California town of Paradise, which was ravaged by the 2018 Camp Creek fire that triggered 85 deaths, has a shockingly low vaccination rate and could become a “superspreader” neighborhood.” Across the Golden State, COVID-19 rises are returning in numbers not seen because the winter. Thats seen in Butte County, and the low vaccination rates in parts of the county are stressing those dealing with sick clients with the virus,” Chico ABC affiliate KRCR reported Saturday.The report noted “some communities are seeing development in immunizing their city, community, or town, while others are falling behind, according to the most current data from the California Department of Public Health (CDPH), outdated August 24.” Chico, Butte Countys most populous city, had 50.8% fully vaccinated. While the of Paradise just had 18.4% fully vaccinated.” Despite a majority of health officials tossing their assistance behind the three COVID vaccines considering that late 2020, the Chief Medical Officer of the Enloe Medical Center, Marcia Nelson, stresses that these communities with lower vaccination rates are making the rise in cases climb up higher in the county,” KRCR reported.Watch:



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