Fasting May Offer Health Benefits Beyond Dieting, Experiment in Mice Suggests – ScienceAlert

Eating less often does more to enhance the health and life-span of rodents than simply eating less, a study stated Monday.Researchers looking at mice on different diets discovered those who were fed less calories in a single daily feeding lived longer than mice consuming the very same number of calories distributed throughout the day.
The study, published in Nature Metabolism, revealed mice who ate only as soon as a day likewise showed improved metabolism.Study author Dudley Lamming of the University of Wisconsin told AFP that scientists have known for about a century that restricting calories extends the life-span of rodents.But previous research studies on mice and calorie constraint had actually consisted of unintended fasting with mice generally fed just once a day.Lammings group chose to find out whether the timing in between feedings might play a function– and discovered it was not the quantity of food alone that mattered.” Instead, calorie-restricted diets make sure that mice are fasted for much of the day– and that imposed fasting-period (when we consume) is vital for the benefits of calorie limitation to life and health. The research study shows that mice on a calorie-restricted diet plan with 21 hours between meals lived about half a year longer than mice who consumed as much as they wanted at any time of day.Mice with continuous access to a low-calorie diet plan, on the other hand, lived lightly shorter lives than the control group, even though they consumed fewer calories.

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