Explainer: Why the coronavirus death rate still eludes scientists – Reuters

(Reuters) – Global deaths from COVID-19 have reached 1 million, however experts are still struggling to figure out an important metric in the pandemic: the casualty rate – the percentage of people infected with the pathogen who die.Here is a look at concerns surrounding much better comprehending the COVID-19 death rate.How is a death rate calculated?A real mortality rate would compare deaths against the total number of infections, a denominator that stays unidentified since the full scope of asymptomatic cases is difficult to measure.” The death rate for individuals listed below age 20 is most likely one in 10,000. In locations like the United States, that “case fatality rate” has fallen significantly from 6.6% in April to simply over 2% in August, according to Reuters statistics.But specialists stated that the decrease has mainly been driven by more prevalent testing compared with the early days of the pandemic, detecting more individuals who have mild illness or no signs.

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