Elementary schools should require face masks for teachers, improve ventilation to cut COVID risk: CDC – Fox News

Outcomes showed schools with mask requirements for instructors and personnel had a 37% lower COVID-19 occurrence, and 39% lower occurrence in schools that took actions to enhance ventilation, compared to schools without these avoidance methods. The health department needed schools to send weekly info on COVID-19 infections, and later on, an online study was sent to all Georgia public K– 5 school district leaders and personal schools to assess avoidance strategies.Researchers reported a general 3.08 COVID-19 incidence among trainees and personnel per 500 enrolled trainees, compared with a 5.28 community incidence per 500 people. The mean class size was 19 students.The research study indicated 65% of schools needed masks for teachers and personnel and just over half of schools improved ventilation.

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