Ebola Survivor Infected Years Ago May Have Started New Outbreak – The New York Times

” Michael Wiley, a virologist at the University of Nebraska Medical Center and the chief executive of PraesensBio, which provided products utilized to study the samples, described the existing break out as a “continuation” of the previous one.He stated persistent infections and sexual transmission had actually currently been acknowledged throughout the West African break out and throughout one in the Democratic Republic of Congo. While we cant be 100 percent specific, CDC agrees that information supports the conclusion that cases in the existing outbreak are most likely connected to cases in the area during the 2014-2016 West Africa Ebola outbreak. While we have seen break outs in the Democratic Republic of Congo connected to survivors, the length of time in between the end of the 2014-2016 outbreak and the development of this outbreak is surprising and highlights the requirement for further research to much better comprehend the complex public health and ecology of Ebola.”

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