‘Dry-scooping’ is latest TikTok trend; experts say it can be dangerous – WJW FOX 8 News Cleveland

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One TikTok user, brivtny, said she in fact had a cardiac arrest due to the challenge.

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When taken alone, the powder can produce rapid heartbeat, chest pain and dizziness. It can likewise trigger cough-like responses.

Self reports that physicians state the protein supplements are meant to be taken watered down in water. They are implied to offer individuals an energy increase prior to an exercise.

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Self reports that with the dry scooping trend, people are trying to get that affect much more quickly.

With the trend, users consume a mouthful of pre-workout supplement powder without blending it with liquid.

The pattern is called dry scooping.

(WJW) The most recent TikTok pattern is proving to be hazardous for some.

In another video, a male is challenged to eat a scoop of mango habanero powder in exchange for a totally free energy beverage. He did successfully end up the challenge.

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