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FOX31s Deborah Takahara spoke with Denver policeman, firefighters and regional nurses who did not wish to be recognized, however desired to stand together and share their viewpoints. They all stressed they are not anti-vaccine. They just wish to have the ability to make their own choices. They did not wish to be recognized out of worry of retribution.

DENVER (KDVR)– Some Denver frontline employees and first responders insist they will not get immunized, even if it means losing their tasks.

Previously this month, the City of Denver announced that it will require all city staff members and contract workers to be fully immunized by Sept. 30 as a condition of employment.

Denver law enforcement officers declare spiritual exemption

” Theyve been through a lot in the last 18 months, theyve sustained a lot,” the officer said. “Now, they are being informed they need to do something against their dreams to maintain their employment. It is the final stroke for them. They are applying somewhere else, or retiring early.”

” Ive spoken personally with about a lots officers that are all set to leave. The last 18 months have actually not been easy due to the fact that of anti-police sentiment, the rising criminal activity and lack of staffing and COVID limitations,” stated one veteran Denver officer.

Denver to mandate COVID-19 vaccine for city workers, cops, firemens, teachers

I respect the opinion of fellow officers who do not desire to get it. And I appreciate the firefighters and nurses who stand with us since they are competent professionals– they know how to take care of themselves and stay healthy and I respect their opinion,” he continued. “If they do not desire to get vaccinated, they are kind of professionals in dealing with transmittable communities on a day to day basis.

These are the very same people who have actually been on the cutting edge safeguarding us during the pandemic.

” I think its just an option Im not happy to falter on based on my faith and what weve gone over as a household. It was my time to decide and stand for those I work with. I believe it is everyones choice to do their own research, whatever your belief system is, you have to follow what guides you. Your intuition, your lord. Ask a question. Weve constantly been brought up to ask questions and believe by yourself. For me, its personal. Everyone has a choice. All of us pick what we put in our bodies. Some more than others. I do not question the individual I work on who chose to put something else in their body. I dont stop supplying service to them since they made, in my opinion, a bad choice. For me, I selected not to put this in my body. All I ask is the regard of choice,” he stated.

He stated he was being forced to give up a profession of more than 20 years based upon something he doesnt think in.

He submitted for a spiritual exemption and is waiting to learn if it will be approved.

” We pick to come to work, we pick to enter into those burning buildings, we select to assist the residents of Denver. When did we mandate they not be who they are or the issues they face, not. We are there to help them in all strolls of life. At the end of the day, we are all human. To me, thats what neighborhood and society is for to keep an eye out for each other, and I seem like I am removing watch due to the fact that I do not believe in something, whether someone else does or not, we all have those options to make. Whichs just it. Option,” he stated.

” It might work, it might not work, but at this time, having had COVID and natural immunities, I feel my body is secured and I feel like that is my shield at this time, my faith and natural antibodies.”

Some Colorado health care employees object vaccine requirements

Denver firemen desires the option

He likewise stated he does not believe he puts the public at danger.

” Were prepared to stand versus this since it is wrong, absolutely wrong. Ive taken a trip all over the world. Ive been vaccinated. I am not anti-vaccine. Im not versus that. Ive looked at all those vaccines Ive taken and decided if they are ideal for me. This one, I have issues about. We do not understand what the long-lasting results are. For me, Ive made a lifestyle of making healthy options. I exercise, I consume healthy. I ensure I can battle an infection if it comes along. When it comes to our health, were allowed to make decisions for ourselves. Im not in the high-risk group. I have no comorbidities, I take no medications. There is no factor I should be forced to take a vaccine when its not essential for me. I should be allowed to make that choice,” he stated.

” If the public was worried and remain in the high-risk group, they are going to get immunized if theyre concerned. If they are not, they are also taking that danger. Thats their own risk to figure out. I am no danger to any person else. Ive probably had COVID, perhaps twice. Thats what its about for me. Liberty to choose for myself, my body my option. Thats what we are told? Here I am, I desire to pick this and Im being informed Im not allowed to pick that. And it might be equal and up to fired. This is not right for any of us firefighters who have offered our lives to this task to be informed that we have to do something like this.”

Because there are numerous unknowns about the vaccine, a Denver firefighter revealed concerns.

Now Im being informed I cant make choices for myself, that If I do not do what they desire, then I am going to lose my task. That seems a little unreasonable,” the firemen said.

Nurses do not think there has been enough screening

2 nurses from a local facility likewise stepped forward.

I simply feel like I need to not be mandated to take something I dont feel comfy with. There are side effects, there are people who are vaccinated who are still getting COVID. I just dont feel like this vaccine is living up to everything it said it should, and I simply think theres a lot of concerns.”

” We have lots of colleagues who already had COVID. They currently have the antibodies and they have more antibodies than somebody with the vaccine. Why would they be mandated to take the vaccine? Theres so numerous concerns. I suggest, Ive been at this 18 months, with extremely little PPE, without a vaccine. And I suggest so far, so good. I attempt to work out, eat healthy, consume my water, do all the important things simply to stay healthy to start with, which is what we ought to all be doing,” she continued.

Which Colorado organizations are requiring staff members to get immunized?

” Theres a huge worry of retribution if you come out versus taking the vaccine. Its sad. Due to the fact that of this mandate, we are now pitting nurses versus nurses. Its heartbreaking,” she said.

The other nurse stated she likes looking after her clients and is terrified to lose her task.

” How can they do this? I have to have an option. I have a healthy respect and understand lots of people have actually been injured by COVID, however I do believe I can look through that and see the risk that is included with or without a vaccine. I do all the important things at work they need. Wearing the masks, washing, using dress and those kinds of things, so Im not afraid. Every month I go through this and do not get COVID, Im fine. I just dont feel like Im at a substantial threat without the vaccine. I have not precisely chose not to get the vaccine. Im waiting, and I think I deserve that right to wait and see where the science takes us. I have some issues about responses some individuals have needed to the vaccine. It might be life-changing, it may be a genuine modern-day day miracle, however I desire more time to suss that out for myself without being told to do it. Im ready to look at their side. However I just want more time to choose thats what I want,” she stated.

” I worked truly tough for all of you back in spring of 2020 and not they potentially want to take my task due to the fact that I dont want to get a vaccine. If youve been vaccinated, you should be safe, remedy? I take really great care of my patients and I will continue as long as they let me,” she said.

City leaders take on the requirement, pushback

” This is a condition of work. Our objective here is that everybody is immunized. These folks enter into contact with individuals, entered peoples homes, intimate contact with the public. And its particularly crucial for those people to be immunized,” Dulacki stated.

” Our objective is not to lose workers over this. Our goal is to follow the general public health order and the executive director or public health has actually made it really clear to us this is the very best tool we have to combat the delta variant at this moment,” said Mary Dulacki, chief deputy executive director of department of public security.

City leaders say they wish to encourage compliance.

She stated information was coming extremely soon on the repercussions for noncompliance with the vaccine required.

FDA grants complete approval to Pfizer COVID-19 vaccine

But these staff members state they wont comply, and if required, say they will take with them dozens of years of experience.

” Losing skilled veterans would be a really difficult thing for us, however we do not have a choice here. We are in the same position throughout the city. Weve got this public health order, we are going to follow it,” Dulacki stated.

” We said 17, 18 months earlier when this pandemic began we didnt want to lose a single officer to the disease, nor do I want to lose a single officer to the mandate,” Denver Police Chief Paul Pazen said. You can get the vaccine, which is what we encourage individuals to do. Need to be able to keep our personnel, get immunized or get your exemption.”

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Nick Rogers, President of Denver Police Protective Association said: “We are not opposed to the vaccine. We are opposed to being forced to take it. Whatever happened to my body, my option?”

” Youre not speaking with a group of individuals who are not happy to put their lives on the line for individuals or to safeguard this city at all expense. Weve done it for the last two years, weve done it without concern. To me, those are individuals you want working for you,” one firefighter said.

The deadline to obtain an exemption is Aug. 30. The due date to be totally vaccinated is Sept. 30. The city will hold a city center meeting for staff members on Wednesday to answer concerns.

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Recommend a Correction

I simply do not feel like this vaccine is living up to whatever it stated it should, and I simply believe theres a lot of concerns.”

I take truly good care of my patients and I will continue as long as they let me,” she said.

” We stated 17, 18 months earlier when this pandemic began we didnt want to lose a single officer to the disease, nor do I want to lose a single officer to the mandate,” Denver Police Chief Paul Pazen said. Nick Rogers, President of Denver Police Protective Association said: “We are not opposed to the vaccine.

I simply desire more time to choose thats what I desire,” she said.

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