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(AP file image) SINGAPORE– The parish priest of Church of the Risen Christ on Monday night (4 October) stated he was distressed by reports that one of the church fans had been hospitalised after taking in antiparasitic drug ivermectin to prevent COVID-19 infection, and cautioned against utilizing such unverified therapies.His message came a day after Facebook user Vanessa Koh Wan Ling alleged that her mother had gotten and taken the drug, popularised by a variety of US conservative media outlets as a remedy for the coronavirus disease, on the suggestions of fellow worshipers. Ivermectin is typically used as a de-wormer for horses.According to Kohs post, the unnamed lady had suffered several conditions after taking the drug, including the inability to stroll and stand, and was sent out to the hospital.The woman had thought that the MRNA technology, which the vaccines in Singapores nationwide vaccination drive were based upon, “protested their religion. That if they are permitted to take (MRNA vaccines), Jesus would connect to them directly” which “ivermectin will help to purge out the vaccine and COVID”. Parish priest Edward Lim gotten in touch with “everyone to secure themselves from the COVID-19 infection by taking formally recommended safety measures readily available to them” in his Facebook post on Monday night.” Only accept vaccines authorized by the authorities which are provided at certified centres authorised to administer the jabs,” he added.He cited Archbishop William Goh, head of the Roman Catholic Church in Singapore, from a pastoral letter dated 3 February.Goh had in the letter shared his experience of getting his first dose of the COVID-19 vaccine and had encouraged “all the faithful to get immunized for the higher good of the community”. Lim also kept in mind that the decision to be immunized “remains very much an individual option”, one that can not be required upon a person.” We motivate every person to hope and discern over the decision, taking into consideration ones own health circumstance and vulnerability, in addition to the social obligation to ones liked ones and good friends,” he added.Story continuesThe World Health Organization and other medical professionals have actually recommended against using ivermectin outside of carefully controlled patient studies. If the drug has any impact on blunting or avoiding COVID-19, big studies are now underway in the US and other nations to determine. Yahoo News Singapore has reached out to the Health Sciences Authority (HSA) for comment.HSA said in September that ivermectin is not approved for usage in the avoidance or treatment of COVID-19 here. It included that authorities take a serious view against those participated in the unlawful sale and supply of medicines consisting of ivermectin.Stay in the understand on-the-go: Join Yahoo Singapores Telegram channel at

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