COVID deaths are rising in Hawaii, and history shows its likely to get worse – Hawaii News Now

HONOLULU (HawaiiNewsNow) – Health officials said that the existing death toll is the highest it has been considering that vaccines have ended up being commonly readily available, with more than 19 deaths over the previous 7 days.On Wednesday alone, there were 8 COVID deaths.And history informs us it will likely get worse.The peak of infections in 2015 was on Aug. 12. Practically precisely a year later on– on Aug. 11– Hawaii had its highest day for cases ever. Soon afterwards, the death toll spiked.Also concerning is the huge variation in COVID deaths amongst ethnic groups.Pacific Islanders, for instance, just comprise 4% of the population however 21% of the deaths.According to state Department of Health data, the likelihood of a Pacific Islander dying from COVID is nearly 4 times greater than any other ethnic group.”Its a combination of language barriers, cultural barriers, health barriers,” said Josie Howard, ceo of We Are Oceania.”So it makes our work a lot harder, it makes our population susceptible to suffer the most with COVID.”We Are Oceania has been battling to overcome variations amongst Pacific Islanders throughout the pandemic. They have set up vaccination centers, worked to aid with communication barriers, and have actually tried other approaches to stop the spread within their neighborhood.”Families are scared,” stated Howard. “I feel like the urgency right now is we have to stop the spread. And we have to keep everybody safe, whatever that step is.”Those of Japanese descent are another group with a death rate surpassing their population. They comprise 19% of deaths but just 15% of the population. Other populations do not have significant gaps.Copyright 2021 Hawaii News Now. All rights reserved.

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